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Interested in Outdoor Lights?

You have invested a lot into your home. You deserve to have friends over and enjoy a night on your patio, and to host elaborate garden parties or whatever suits your fancy. However, it’s not possible to do a whole lot in your backyard or garden without exterior lighting. That’s where we come in.

NW Electrical Solutions will patiently and positively collaborate with you on the lighting design so that it achieves your vision. While some are happy with basic lighting, others aspire to take things to another level. We can consult with you to figure out what type of landscape lighting will work best for you and customize the lighting to your needs.

How Long It Takes to Install LigHts Outside of Your Home

The total time depends on what types and the total quantity of exterior lights you need. It can be as little as a few hours or as much as days. Talk to one of our electricians about what to expect in your case.

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If you want exterior lights, you’re not alone. Homeowners all over Portland are getting them to help increase property value, boost safety, and bring more functionality to outdoor living spaces. Click the link below to schedule your house call now with NW Electrical Solutions. We can help set up exterior lights and much more.