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Looking to Install an EV Charger?

There are many types of electric vehicle chargers, including Level 2 and Level 3, which can be installed right in your driveway or garage so that you can charge your car at any time. Level 1 chargers are like an outlet in the wall with standard power, while Level 2 chargers kick things up a notch, giving you a whopping 240 volts.

Either way, you have options for EV charger installations, and our experienced electricians are glad to help you out. At NW Electrical Solutions, we work with Tesla and other major brands, such as BMW. Whatever brand of vehicle you drive, we can install a charger for it. Just say the word, and we’ll be there.

Process to Install an ElectRic Car Charger

The installation process depends on what type of electric vehicle charger you choose. If you do a Level 1 charger, we’ll install a 110-120-volt outlet so that you can easily charge your vehicle at your convenience. If you opt for a Level 2 charger, we’ll put a 240-volt circuit in your garage or driveway.

Level 2 chargers charge electric vehicles much faster than Level 1 chargers (roughly 75% faster). That means that if you plan to use your electric vehicle daily, you might be better off with a Level 2 charger. Talk to our electricians, and see which charging station is right for you.

Benefits of Having a Charger at your Home


Charge your vehicle without leaving your house.


Don’t wait in line for electric vehicle chargers.

Be eligible for tax breaks and other incentives.
Pay less to charge your car.

Speed up the charging time.

How Long Does It Take to Install an At-Home EV Charger?

The minimum time to install an electric vehicle charger is 2 hours. To help expedite the time, make sure to give us as much information as possible before the installation so that we can plan ahead.

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